Outline and Campaign Notes

Campaign occurs in two parts: Britain and Egypt

Part 1: Britain

-Warehouse District
-West London
-Egyptian Museum
-Scotland Yard
-Gentlemen’s Club
-Upper class accommodations

Notable Persons:
-Sir William Buckley
-Miss Nicola Torrens
-“Seer-boy” George
-“Police contact”


First meeting should occur in a Gentlemen’s Club of Sir Willy’s choice. Sir Willy has been hired to retrieve an item by an unknown party, and seeks to double his profits. To this end, he has advertised another of his infamous occult expeditions. Characters are expected to have detailed backgrounds, especially if of a lower class. Characters are also expected to have known each other prior to this meeting.

Part 2: Egypt

-The Great Library (ruins)
-Shepard’s Hotel
-Tel El-Amarna

Notable Persons:
-Miss Nicola Torrens
-Garth Weder
-Saleem Naziz (dragoman)
-Aasim al-Rahman (antiquities merchant)
-Tahri Bahrin (bookseller)

Notable Groups:
-Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh
-The Golden Dawn

Outline and Campaign Notes

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